Dhishkyaoon Marathi Movie Cast, Actress Name, Story, Crew, Release Date, Trailer, Watch Online

Dhishkyaoon is a Comedy, Romantic Movie, if you also want to know the Dhishkyaoon Marathi Movie Cast, Actress Name, Story, and Release Date of this web series, then read this article completely.

Dhishkyaoon is a Marathi movie directed by Pritam SK Patil starring Prathamesh Parab and Megha Shinde in the lead role, this movie was released on 10 Feb 2023

Dhishkyaoon Marathi Movie Story

Dhishkyaoon Marathi Movie Cast
Dhishkyaoon Marathi Movie Cast

Jaggu and Juliet is a contemporary, fun-filled laugh riot that revolves around people, love, travel, fun, and discovering a soul mate.

Dhishkyaoon Marathi Movie Official Trailer

Dhishkyaoon Marathi Movie Cast, Crew, Director, and More

Movie Name:Dhishkyaoon (2023)
Lead Cast:Prathamesh Parab, Sandeep Pathak, Ahamad Deshmukh, Suresh Vishwakarma, Mahesh Ghag, Siddheshwar Zadbukke, Megha Shinde, Sakshi Tonde, Asawari Nitin, Harsh Rajput, Madhu Kulkarni, Pranav Pimpalkar, Shiv Mane, Somnath Giri, Swati Ghatkar, Vinaya More, Kumkum, Prasad Khaire
Director:Pritam SK Patil
Writer:Sanjay Navgire
Producer:Mohammad Deshmukh, Umesh Mohalkar, Pritam Sk Patil
Music:Ajay – Atul
Release Date:10 Feb 2023
Rawneix Rating:3.5/5
Genre:Drama, Comedy, Romantic
Duration:Yet to Be Updated
Certificate:Yet to Be Updated

Dhishkyaoon Marathi Movie Cast And Roles

  • Prathamesh Parab
  • Megha Shinde

Dhishkyaoon Marathi Movie Cast Name With Photo

Here we have given the names of the cast of the Dhishkyaoon Marathi Movie and their photos.

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Amey Wagh

Prathamesh Parab
Image Source: Prathamesh Parab’s Instagram

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Megha Shinde

Megha Shinde
Image Source: Megha Shinde’s Instagram

Dhishkyaoon Marathi Movie Actress Name

  • Megha Shinde

Dhishkyaoon Marathi Movie Release Date

10 Feb 2023

Dhishkyaoon Marathi Movie Actress Name?

Ans: Megha Shinde.

Dhishkyaoon Marathi Movie Release Date?

Ans: 10 Feb 2023

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