Rose Marlo Web Series Cast, Actress Name, Release Date

Hello friends, welcome to another new post, The Rose Marlo web series is going to be released on the popular OTT platform Rabbit app, and there is a lot of curiosity among the people about the star cast of this web series.

This post will provide complete, accurate information about Rose Marlo Web Series Cast, Actress Name, Story, Crew, and Release Date.

Rose Marlo is an erotic adult, romance and fantasy web series created and produced by the OTT platform Rabbit App.

This web series is only for adults who are above 18 years of age. 2 episodes will be released on the Rabbit App.

Rose Marlo Web Series stars Leena Singh, Aayushi Jaiswal.

Rose Marlo Web Series Cast, Crew, Director, Release Date and Other Details

Web Series:Rose Marlo (2023)
Star Cast:Leena Singh, Aayushi Jaiswal.
Producer:Rabbit App
OTT Platform:Rabbit App
Release Date:24 October 2023
Rawneix Rating:Yet To Be Updated
Genre:Erotic, Romance, Fantasy
Episodes:2 Episodes
Rose Marlo Web Series Cast, Crew, Director, and Other Details

Rose Marlo Web Series Story/Plot

Rose Marlo Web Series Cast

An old man running Ayurvedic medical. Suddenly he goes into a coma.

After this incident, his son took over his medical shop and modified his medical shop as per his comfort with the help of friends.

He uses tricks with beautiful women to lure customers.

If you want to know what has been modified in the medical shop with the help of attractive females!

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  • Episodes 1
  • Episodes 2

Rose Marlo Web Series Official Trailer

Rose Marlo Web Series Official Trailer (YouTube)

Rose Marlo Web Series Cast And Their Roles

  • Leena Singh As Rose Marlo
  • Aayushi Jaiswal As Aayushi

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Rose Marlo Web Series Cast Name With Photo

Here the names and photos of the actors and actresses of the Rose Marlo Web Series are given.

Aayushi Jaiswal

Aayushi Jaiswal
image credit: Aayushi Jaiswal

Leena Singh

Leena Singh
image credit: Leena Singh

How To Watch Rose Marlo Web Series Online?

If you want to watch the Rose Marlo web series on mobile then follow the steps given below.

  • Step 1: Download the Rabbit App from the Play Store (Andriod) or App Store (IOS)
  • Step 2: Log in to the Rabbit app
  • Step 3: You will see all the newly released web series on the home page. (if the web series window is not visible on the home page then search in the search box.)

If you see a pop message asking for a subscription, you will have to take a subscription, otherwise, you will not be able to watch any web series.

If you have taken a subscription, you can watch your favourite web series very comfortably.

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Rose Marlo Web Series Actress Names

Rose Marlo Web Series The Actress’s names are Leena Singh and Aayushi Jaiswal.

Rose Marlo Web Series Release Date

OTT platform Rabbit has announced the release date of the Rose Marlo Web Series, this web series is going to be released on 25 October 2023.

Rose Marlo Web Series FaQ

What Is The Name Of a Rose Marlo Web Series Actress?

Ans: Leena Singh, Aayushi Jaiswal.

What Is The Release Date Of The Rose Marlo Web Series?

Ans: 25 October 2023.


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