Siskiyaan Season 2 ULLU Web Series Cast, Actress Name, Story, Release Date

Siskiyaan Season 2 Web Series: Siskiyan Season 2 is an erotic web series on the OTT platform Ullu, if you also want to know the Cast, Actress Name, Story, and Release Date of this web series, then read this article completely.

Siskiyaan Season 2 Story

Babu ji and Renu cross all the barriers of relationship and values to fulfil their physical needs. Just then, a seductively beautiful nurse, Mary, and Babu Ji start drifting towards her, leaving Renu’s thirst unquenched.

Renu’s desperation now takes her to a crossroads where either she would lose everything or take back what was rightfully hers.

Siskiyaan Season 2 Trailer

Siskiyaan Season 2 Cast

  • Tarakesh Chauhan (Sasur)
  • Noor Malabika (Renu)
  • Shivkant Lakhan Pal (Husband)
  • Sohil Shaikh (Chotu)
  • Hiral Radadiya (Mary)

Siskiyaan Season 2 Cast Name With Photo

We have given the Siskiyan season 2 web series in this article along with the names of all the actors and their photos.

Hiral Radadiya As Mary

Siskiyaan Season 2 Cast
image source: Hiral Radadiya instagram/hiralradadiya.93

Noor Malabika As Renu

Siskiyaan Season 2 Cast
image source: Noor Malabika instagram/noormalabika1

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Tarakesh Chauhan As Sasur

Tarakesh Chauhan

Shivkant Lakhan Pal As Husband

No image available
No image available

Sohil Shaikh As Chotu

No image available
No image available

Siskiyaan Season 2 Actress Name

  • Hiral Radadiya
  • Noor Malabika

Siskiyaan Season 2 Release Date

Siskiyaan Season 2 Actress Name?

Hiral Radadiya, and Noor Malabika.

Siskiyaan Season 2 Release Date?

2 September 2022,

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