Vyooham Web Series Review: Exciting Crime Thriller Web Series

Mitchell (Chaitanya Krishna) and his pregnant wife, Jessie (Pavani Gangireddy), are injured in a road accident.

Tragically, Jessie loses her baby and Michelle goes to the police and files a case, saying that a minor road accident is a case of strange and planned incident.

The case is assigned to an IPS officer, Arjun Ramachandran (Sai Sudhanth Reddy).

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Vyooham Web Series

As the series progresses, new characters emerge and new crimes are uncovered.

Who are the people behind this road accident? And how did Arjun Ramachandran solve the matter? This forms the rest of the story.

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Vyooham Web Series Review

Vyooham is produced by the established Annapurna Studios and stars some of the lead faces.

The cop drama is directed by Sashikant Srivaishnav Pisapati and he has also written the story for this eight-episode series which can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

Vyooham, as the name suggests, is about a small accident that appears normal at first, but has complex layers of crime behind it.

Vyooham Web Series
Vyooham Web Series Review

The first feeling after watching the series is that there is a lot of disorientation in the story. There’s a lot of content for viewers to keep up with and many of the episodes are long and confusing, so you’ll need a lot of patience to sit through the eight-episode series.

The series looks to be very interesting, as the first two episodes brilliantly set the tone of the investigation.

But when this happens, director Sashikant brings in so many subplots that it bores the audience.

Too many characters together, a web of crime and unnecessary scenes make the show drag on and get boring.

There are not many exciting moments in this series

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